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Online Events Happening This Weekend!

POSTED April 30, 2020

It’s not quite life as usual, but in an attempt to track “events” going on in the community (including the wider online community), we found the following online events happening this weekend. Bonus: many of these events come from your favorite local places that are offering opportunities online!

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How to Pick the Right Floor Plan

POSTED April 28, 2020

If you’ve ever spent any time looking at a floor plan on paper – unless you’re a builder, architect, or have a superpower that turns blueprints into a perfect, 360º, 3D tour in your head – it’s hard to truly appreciate all the details. Not only are the words, symbols and numbers hard to understand …

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Learn a New Hobby This Weekend!

POSTED April 23, 2020

Extra time on your hands need not mean excessive sleeping, eating, or screen time—after the first few weeks, that is! What if you came out of this quarantine with a new skill you learned or, better yet, an inspiring new hobby you discovered? Since mid-March, people across America have been discovering and rediscovering hobbies they loved …

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