It’s a fact. The more time you spend in nature, the happier and healthier you become. And the reason you live here is because you love the great outdoors in Colorado. So do we. Which is why, at Crystal Valley, we let nature take the lead in the landscaping, with hillsides covered with tall grasses and scattered with juniper trees. Since the community sits in a natural valley, it’s surrounded by rolling hills. We planned the bends in the roads and bumps in the single-tracks because sometimes home base is basecamp for your next Colorado outdoor adventure. We’re not saying we’ve cornered the market on happiness. We’ve just made finding happiness as easy as opening up your front door.

The Benefits of Living
Close to Nature

Exercising in nature improves mental health in just five minutes, while memory and attention span improve 20 percent after an hour spent in nature.

When we observe the beauty of nature, we boost our immune systems. Simply walking in nature is three times more likely to brighten your mood. Doesn’t it make you want to head outside?

The Crystal Valley Nature Preserve

Hear that? It’s not the call of the wild. It’s the call of friends and family asking you to come out and hit the trails. Take in all that sunshine and fresh air. Go explore the Crystal Valley Nature Preserve, 600 acres of open space and wildlife areas naturally situated next to Crystal Valley.

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