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Declutter Like a Pro!

POSTED November 14, 2017

Even when you know the sorting basics – keep, toss, donate – it’s hard to be ruthless when you declutter your home, a room — or even a junk drawer! For some advice on savage sorting, we went straight to people who help homeowners organize their digs every day. These are the experts who know how to get after it and toss the kinds of things you’ll never miss!

Pretend You’re Moving

declutter You’ve had to move, right? You know it’s easier to purge your possessions when you think about having to unpack things you don’t use on the other end — especially if you paid a mover by the pound! Adopt that mindset. When is the last time I/we used this? Why am I hanging onto it? Could someone else be putting it to better use? In fact, start decluttering by taking a look at’s complete guide to a pre-move purge and put those tips to use!

Purpose the Rooms

Each of your rooms has a primary purpose and a menu of activities that happen there. Walk through your house and mentally assign the activities for each room. Now whatever doesn’t belong in a room, move to the right one – or toss/donate. Again, act like you’re moving – would you want to pack it? And think about the whole house to figure out where paperwork, toys, and memorabilia should all live. Then tell the world – or at least whoever lives in the house!

declutterHere’s the idea: if you wrap gifts in a corner of the home office and find a roll of ribbon under the bed or in the kitchen, you know where it goes, and so will everybody else in the house. If the spool has less than enough to wrap one package – this is easy – toss that puppy! You want to kill the clutter, not just rearrange it. For more tips about picking a place for everything check out HGTV’s Home Organization Rules. They rule.

Declutter Counters

The kitchen can become the room where everyone stops and drops as they enter the house. Mail gets left on counters, keys, notebooks, shopping lists and cell phones all seem to find a piece of real estate there. To declutter some of it, create a wall of organizational wonder with ideas from Hobby Lobby, and Pinterest. But sort and purge first so you’re not organizing things you never use!

Decluttering counters is a constant battle that requires vigilance and cool tools. A two-tiered turntable can help arrange your most-used condiments in style. And this bamboo version from Bed, Bath and Beyond is only $15 and can be used for sugar and spice and everything palate-pleasing.

declutterIn the bathroom, declutter your countertops by adding an over-the-door pocket organizer (they’re not just for shoes!) to hold cosmetic and hair products, cleaning items and tools. Home Depot has a see-through polyester organizer for $8 or you can find more durable over-the-door shelving for the same job. For a mirrored storage cabinet that attaches to a wall or door for more elegant hideaway stowing, check out Bed, Bath & Beyond – for that and dozens more options.

Identify the Extras

Experts say finding a visual motivator to help you declutter each room is helpful. Is there a photo of the perfect kitchen that makes your heart sing? Tape it up as you tackle that room. Sure, we know you don’t live in a model home (or maybe you do?) and that some things need to stay – even if they aren’t essential. But having a photo of your goal helps you envision what your space could look like without all the accessories and a little bit of organization.

Many Hands; Light Work

You know the saying, “Many hands make light work”? It’s especially true if you’re trying to declutter a living space. Invite a friend who isn’t emotionally attached to your things help pry them from your white-knuckled, clingy fingers!

Dr. Kerry Petsinger offers up eight ways to declutter your home, and this sage piece of advice: when you purchase something new, get rid of something old. Or two old somethings. That way, she says, decluttering happens more naturally and you won’t feel overwhelmed about a giant overhaul done all at once!

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