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How to BOOST Your Immune System!

POSTED March 24, 2020

While there’s no official treatment or preventative vaccine for COVID-19 yet, one thing you can do is boost your immune system and make sure your body is as strong as it can be. Take a look at these ways you can strengthen your immune system—and feel better in the process!

You Are What You Eat

While your diet plays a large part in your greater health, you don’t need to buy a bunch of expensive supplements. Rather, make sure your everyday diet is filled with foods that are supercharged with immunity-boosting power!

The Wall Street Journal lays out a straightforward and simple plan that includes eating plenty of yogurt every day. Boosting your probiotics will help support your microbiome, which supports the good bacteria that lives in your body. This in turn will help fight bad bacteria and viruses.

Eating more fish and nuts will help you naturally increase your iron, zinc, and selenium levels. The Conversation ranks these minerals as essential to boosting your immune system, along with vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

TRY Intermittent Fasting & Avoid Super-dosing Vitamins

As long as you are already in good health, the ancient practice of intermittent fasting can be a great way to boost your immunity. Entrepreneur Magazine describes a 2014 study that found fasting for three days can reset your immune system, and reported that holding off on eating for 16 to 18 hours after your last meal allows your body to focus on current immune cells.

Holistic practitioner Chelsea at The Christian Nutritionist suggests that while having sufficient levels of Vitamins A and D are important, this is not the time to super-dose them. Normally, higher doses of these vitamins may be helpful, but since they have some influence on the receptor sites correlated to the virus, increasing them now is not ideal.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

One of the silver linings of the stay-at-home situation is all the extra time you suddenly have—it’s the perfect time to fit more exercise into your day. The Journal of Sport and Health Science explains that physical activity helps the body’s defense system by reducing inflammation and supporting infection-fighting cells.

Taking a brisk walk every day or doing an exercise class online will make a big difference. Insider mentions an added benefit: the endorphins produced when you exercise help to reduce stress—putting your mind as well as your body in a better place.

Get Plenty of Zzzs

Sleep is one of the great healing practices—yet how many of us don’t get enough zzzzs? While you sleep, your body conducts essential recovery and repair, including on the immune system. Harvard Health reports that “enough” sleep is 7-to-9 hours per night for most people. Before you shrug it off, consider this: research shows that just one night of insufficient sleep can lead to a 70 percent reduction in immune cells! So say g’nite and get good rest!

Staying Safe in Crystal Valley

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