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Porch Pirate Prevention Season!

POSTED December 3, 2019

Now that there’s such a thing as a Google Nest outdoor camera and Ring video doorbell, we don’t have as much to worry about from burglars, thieves and marauding bands of ne’er-do-wells. Oh, wait, you don’t have a wireless porch camera? Well, now’s the time to install one as we approach the season when porch pirates pillage UPS holiday deliveries and try to outsmart security systems! Digital Trends offers its picks of the top sellers and their features for wired and wireless porch cameras.

Police departments are eager to harness the collective power of those surveillance cameras to catch criminals who may be cruising unsuspecting neighborhoods. The Castle Rock program, dubbed Rock Watch, was launched last year and while it won’t give police direct access to homeowners’ video systems, the collaboration can be super helpful as police work to apprehend the perps of a burglary.

Top Tips to Prevent Package Stealing – from Burglars and Cops

While Castle Rock sits in a kind of bubble and has given high marks for its safe neighborhoods, we like the old saw, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We spent a little time on home security websites, to find the top tips for securing your home  – from law enforcement and even former thieves and burglars. And none of it costs a lot of money or are difficult to execute. 

Two things that burglars confess turn them off and away are alarm systems and industrial-strength locks. In fact, 83 percent of burglars surveyed said they would first scout to see if there was an installed security camera or alarm, and 60 percent said they would move on to an alternative target if they found one. 

How to Burglar-Proof Your Property

In addition to outdoor cameras that capture images of passersby and suspicious characters, law enforcement also recommends the following insurance for gift-giving season:

The sound of a LOUD barking dog. Note that you don’t have to own a big, bad canine, you can use the sound of one as a deterrent. Listen to this video to see how effective the noise of a mad dog on a Home Safe device can be. And this unit has a motion sensor to set it off when a visitor approaches a door.

Speaking of doors, strong, heavy doors make a statement that you’re not about to offer a foothold into your home! 

A switched-on television indicates someone might be home and Ring technology can remotely turn on a TV or radio when you’re away.

Deadbolt locks, which are installed in every Crystal Valley home, are another way to keep outsiders OUT. And so are keyed window locks with break-proof laminate on the glass.

Stealthy scoundrels have a hard time silencing their footsteps on pebbled landscaping and walkways,and it is always a good idea to keep your property well-lit. This list from of the best and most effective burglar deterrents also includes a few of the least reliable deterrents, like keeping a car visible, holding your mail, and posting a “beware of dog” sign.

Safe and Sound in Crystal Valley

Safety is important to all of us in the master-planned community of Crystal Valley where neighbors stick together and keep a close watch on one another. The new homes here — from Richmond American Homes, Kauffman Homes, Century Communities and D.R. Horton, are nestled in natural surroundings with access to amazing amenities. See why Crystal Valley is one of Colorado’s fastest growing communities – with ranch and two-story models priced from the $300s. 


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