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Reveal What Your Home Says About You

POSTED May 23, 2017

What does your home reveal about you? Just for fun, take this brief quiz on Buzz Feed. It will identify personality clues gleaned from your choices in interior and exterior décor.

Sound far-fetched? Try it and see! You’ll find out from designs you gravitate toward whether, for example, you’re imaginative and intuitive. Rigid and uncompromising. And there are “tells” that indicate whether you’re welcoming and nurturing, or introverted and prefer isolation.

If your walls could talk, what personality particulars would they would reveal about you?

Bold Front Doors

According to color experts, a bold red front door equals confidence and reveals that you’re not afraid to say what you think. A blue door says you’re naturally at ease in most situations and green broadcasts traditional values.

Bright, Organized Rooms

If you favor brightly lit, organized rooms, according to a study in the journal Political Psychology, chances are you lean more conservative than liberal. Conservatives also seem to have more sports paraphernalia, cleaning supplies and American flags than liberals do. Psychologists say conservatives tend to be traditional in their decor, while liberals may be less conscientious and more open-minded. Liberals’ homes, on the other hand, are more likely to have a variety of books, music, maps and colors.

revealExtra Seating

When you have more living room seating than you need for yourself or your family, it reveals that you welcome guests and likely have an affinity for socializing and entertaining. This is also true in kitchen spaces, where extra bar stools at a counter or island suggest that you want guests to “belly-up” and stay awhile!

Bare Counters

Uncluttered counters and table tops reveal an organized and orderly Type A personality valuing appearances over convenience. For example, if you put your coffee maker in a kitchen cupboard after every use, you prefer spending more time prepping your coffee in the morning, than having clutter on your counter.

Open Floor Plans

Inside the home, extroverts tend to choose open, spacious furniture layouts, and introverts decorate with soft, solid colors and muted patterns.

revealVintage Décor

A person who decorates with vintage items or antiques is likely intelligent and has an affection, even reverence, for history. Dusty Old Thing goes into more detail about what the time period of your vintage pieces says about you – whether you lean toward Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian or Mid-Century.

Neutral Palette

Using muted tones and patterns signifies that you are a peacemaker, according to interior design expert Jane Lockhart. Avoiding statement colors reveals that you are more comfortable playing it safe and taking the middle ground.

Selfies as Art

If you have lots of photos of yourself around the house, you were probably born before 1982. Previous generations have avoided decorating with self-portraits, but interior designers report that millennials—accustomed to regularly posting selfies on social media—are much more comfortable seeing themselves on canvas!

The Big Reveal in Crystal Valley

The new homes in the master-planned community of Crystal Valley are ready for your signature design style and personality profile! Drop by today and explore the beauty and variety of Richmond American Homes, available in ranch or two-story models and priced from the high $300s. And – coming soon – new homes by D.R. Horton and Kauffman Homes!


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