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Tin Foil, WD-40® and Coffee Filter Hacks!

POSTED May 15, 2018

Get ready for a hack attack! We found hundreds of helpful hacks that will make your life easier and take the time and expense out of ordinary tasks around the house – from the kitchen to the garage!

Foil the Task Master!

Aluminum foil has tons of uses – beyond lining cake pans, cookie sheets and covering food in the fridge. Some are no-brainers, like using a few pliable sheets to create a temporary funnel, fix loose batteries, or make a barbecue drip pan for your grill. But some, are genius because you can bend and twist it any way you want it!

To slide heavy furniture around a room when you want to rearrange or redecorate (or even deep clean), put small pieces of foil (shiny side up!) under the legs. The dull side is actually more slippery and will help you scoot big pieces around the room. 

If you’re painting a room (or anything, really), use foil to line your roller pan, wrap a doorknob to keep the paint off – which is a lot easier to work with than painter’s tape, and even to keep your paintbrush wet, rather than clean it only to use it again tomorrow.

For 30 more uses for aluminum foil, like cleaning chrome or your jewelry and keeping your silverware shiny, check out the Reader’s Digest guide.

WD-40®, the Miracle Solution

We don’t know if the folks who make WD-40® came up with all of these amazing uses for WD-40®, but there’s no shortage of hacks on the internet that demonstrate how versatile this little can of spray can be. You would expect it to lubricate everything in your house and garage from gate locks and pruning shears to all kinds of zippers and hinges on doors. But did you know it can clean rust off of wire shelves, sled runners, nuts and bolts? 

Or that it can remove paint from tile flooring, tea stains from countertops, crayon from wallpaper, carpet and TV screens? And you know that sticky residue that can sometimes come off of the felt pads on your chair bottoms (that are supposed to protect your hardwood floors)? Yep. WD-40® will remove that, too. For more (like a few THOUSAND more) uses, check out these amazing uses for the miracle solution on the WD-40® website. 

Whole-House Helpful Tips

No wonder this Youtube video has over five million views! With 36 life hacks for the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room and more – you’ll see how to use toothpaste to clean everything from yellowed fingernails to underarm stains on clothes, and how a piece of bread will pick up bits of broken glass from a hardwood or tile floor better than a broom and dustpan! 

We learned that egg shells are handy for everything from growing seedlings to boosting your smoothie with calcium; why you should never run out of scotch tape and five reasons why a fork may be the handiest tool in your utensil drawer!  You’ll watch this 20- minute video at least once through and use these hacks! 

Jillee at One Good Thing collects uses for a variety of things, like coffee filters – that have nothing to do with coffee, and baking soda, that have nothing to do with baking! She’s a fan of hydrogen peroxide, castile soap and cream of tartar, too! See all of Jillee’s useful, cheap, all-purpose creative ideas for a better life!

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