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Unique Peel ‘n’ Stick Decor

POSTED October 8, 2019

What’s the best way to add creative, inexpensive style accents to your home? Peel and stick…everything! Rather than replacing “real” backsplashes and wall coverings with permanent fixings, you can have fun making style changes in small doses with peel-and-stick tiles, wood, carpet and more – and it’s all temporary for a quick decorating fix!

To Stick or Not to Stick

With cool new peel-and-stick tiles showing up all over the internet—many made of genuine materials like metal, glass and stone—it’s tempting to consider tackling an entire bathroom or full-height backsplash. But says that while there are great advantages, like the ease of installation and the fact that the tiles are removable, you should think twice before peeling-and-sticking an entire room. Instead, use these amazing materials for accents, furniture styling, and area makeovers – a little goes a long way.

Use Peel-and-Stick to Rejuvenate Furniture

Using peel-and-stick tile can turn an old tabletop, a plain tray, or even a boring vase into WOW statements. RoomMates has a few great ideas for applying various types of temporary tile, including putting metallic checkerboard stick tiles on the base of a tray or long, blue stone stick tiles on the top of an old table. 

Another peel-n-stick option for furniture are these artsy painted wooden planks from DC Fix, available from the Castle Rock Home Depot. Use them to decorate a headboard or dress up a dresser. What could be more unique and personalized?

Choose Small Areas to Accent

When applying peel-n-stick wood to walls, it’s best to concentrate on small areas. The website Momtastic suggests using actual reclaimed wood panels from Stikwood to highlight an area under stairs, frame the space behind the TV, or mix up the pattern on an end wall.

With the popularity of reclaimed materials finding new life, this idea offers an attractive accent and the satisfaction repurposing beautiful natural wood!

What About Floors?

If you picture industrial-looking wall-to-wall carpeting when thinking of carpet tiles, check out these fun and alternative ways to use them. Rather than covering the entire floor, arrange your carpet tiles in areas like entries, as a runner in a hall, or as an area rug. SF Gate’s Home Guides suggests that you lay out the pattern prior to peeling and sticking, even though most carpet tiles are removable.

Flor has fresh, colorful designs that can be arranged in fun patterns—and these carpet tiles stick to each other, not the floor. Children’s rooms or living areas with pets are especially great places for carpet tiles since they can be easily replaced if stained.

Room Makeovers for Kids

Let your kids have a hand in personalizing their rooms with peel and stick wall art. Wall Pops offers a huge selection of removable decals that look like painted murals or handwritten inspirational sayings. From a wall of ice cream cones raining down to a row of friendly robots, your kids will find the art that expresses them best!

Even more fun are the coloring wall decals! Not just for kids, coloring has been found to have mental health benefits, so many adults are picking up the activity again. Choose from a variety of mandalas, floral designs, and even maps! When you’re done coloring, you can peel and stick your artwork to the wall!

Have Fun with Home Decor at Crystal Valley 

The beautiful new homes in the master-planned Crystal Valley provide a perfect canvas on which you can create your own masterpiece! Check out this fast-growing community, with new homes from D.R. Horton, Richmond American Homes, Kauffman Homes, and Century Communities. There’s lots to do in the surrounding area, so stop by to find the new home of your dreams in ranch and two-story models, priced from the $300s.


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