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Helpful Life Hacks for 2018!

POSTED January 2, 2018

Who doesn’t love life hacks? They make life easier, better and usually cost a lot less than commercial and retail fixes and solutions! Here are a few DIY tips and life hacks that may make you laugh or nod thoughtfully, but we’re pretty sure you’ll end up using at least one of them during 2018!

Winter Hacks

Some helpful folks in Oslo Norway designed a graphic illustrating how to walk like a penguin on ice. Penguins keep their center of gravity over their legs and imitating them, it’s supposed to prevent falls. We believe it. Ever see a penguin do a face plant that wasn’t intentional? has a few zany DIY hacks (like twisting screws into the soles of your shoes for traction) but also a handful of truly useful winter tips, like spraying nonstick cooking spray on your snow shovel to make the job easier and rigging a terra cotta “heater” to warm up a room with real candles! 

Just remember, as the men and women of Castle Rock Fire and Rescue caution, safety first, when it comes to open flames!

Cleaning Hacks

To get rid of water ring stains on wood rub a smidge of non-gel toothpaste on the furniture and buff with a clean cloth. According to TaskRabbit’s Jacqueline Yardan the secret ingredient is calcium carbonate, which helps remove surface stains.

Carpet stains come out with a few drops of beer rubbed into the spot and blotted up with a clean sponge. That’s because most beers contain propylene glycol, a compound which can eliminate stains. 

Amy’s Cleaning Service has 38 (that’s right, 38!) WD-40® miracle hacks you’ve never heard — from keeping scissors scissoring to preventing ice buildup on your windows after a storm. And while vinegar in the toilet bowl is the old, green go-to method for removing stains on porcelain, WD-40® is the new one – and it keeps water stains from forming on glass shower doors.

Diffuse smelly smells in the fridge with stale unused coffee grounds as a filter in an open jar or tied up in a square of cheesecloth. Dianne, The Sassy Cook, has nine more hacks for the kitchen that can save you time and money.

Better your Life Hacks

You’ll have to wait for spring 2018 to use this one, but according to LOTS of life hack posts, planting roses by pushing the stem into a potato helps the cutting get the moisture and nutrients it needs for hardier roots. For 10 more wacky garden tips check out Rodale’s Organic Life where you’ll find ways to repurpose common household items into trellises, self-watering pots, seed organizers and more!

If you have wee ones, one way to keep them from locking themselves in the bathroom is to twist a rubber band around the knobs on both sides to depress the latch. Want to amplify the music coming from your smartphone? Pop it in a glass!

In fact, if you’re looking for an easier, better, faster, cheaper way to do just about anything, you’ll be rewarded at 1000LifeHacks. Don’t believe us? 

Well then, did you know if you run your bacon under cold water before cooking it, you’ll cut the shrinkage by up to 50 percent? And did you know when it comes to staying alert, apples are more effective than caffeine? And how about this one: looking at cute, baby animals can increase concentration and productivity by up to 44 percent! 

Troll through a few and see if they don’t amuse you AND improve your life this year!

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