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Scrumptious Stuffings for Sammies, Pitas and Wraps!

POSTED October 19, 2021

From awesome sloppy Joes and chicken shawarma in a pita to new spins on ham and Swiss sammies and sliced turkey wraps, these recipes bring a new flavor twist to sandwich options! There are plenty of the tried-and-true you know and love, but you’ll find lots of clever and creative – and tasty – ways to approach edibles between slices, pockets and discs of bread!

That’s a Wrap!

©Parker Feierbach

When you’re tired of the same old sandwich, switch things up with a wrap. They’re low in fat and carbs, come in regular flour, whole wheat and veggie flavors. From chicken shawarma to chicken parmesan, just about anything can be rolled up into a wrap for a tasty lunch. And if you’re looking for a lower-carb option, Delish has a few lettuce and collard wraps, too, that rival anything you can order in or from a restaurant!

Breakfast takes on an easy alternative with cheesy bacon and egg scramble with avocado, and if you like crunch when you munch, take a look at the Buffalo Chicken Crunch Wrap from Delish. With shredded rotisserie chicken, Frank’s® hot sauce and a bit of blue cheese, skillet grill these for three minutes and you’ll have a wrap that holds together for a dip-and-nosh! 

New and Improved Lunchtime Sammies

You’ll never make another Sloppy Joe the old-fashioned way again once you taste this grilled-cheese version. Delish helps you make your own sauce from scratch for this sammie with onion, garlic, ketchup, brown sugar, mustard and chili powder. You’ll need to add the ground beef, sliced bread and cheddar, and while there’s a reason these are named sloppy, they are truly worth every bite!

Delish has 85 of these yummy sandwich recipes you may never have tasted, like the open-faced French Toast Ham & Cheese, the Beer-Soaked Grilled Cheese (beer-what?!), the crunchy Tuna Melt with Tomatoes, and the Hot Dog Cuban with Black Forest ham and Swiss.

Vegan, Meat and Fish-Stuffed Pitas

While these easy-peasy pita sandwiches are from a summer Kids Activities menu thanks to Dallas blogger Holly Homer, we like them for fall, too! Holly starts with a creamy avocado hummus made with our favorite healthy fat and chickpeas, and then stuffs the pita pockets with apple slices, dried cranberries, goat cheese and spinach. 

From the Kitchn comes a variety of veggie stuffed pitas, and blogger Kelli Foster likes to think of them as a salad on the go. From grain, no-lettuce and leafy greens, she collected 17 different stuffing recipes to fill those pita pockets – most of which you can assemble well in advance and eat on the go.

©Anita Schecter

Scrambled Chickpea and Spinach, Barley Salad with Figs and Tarragon-Lemon Dressing, and Carrot Tahini Salad are just three of the mouth-watering combinations from Kelli’s no-meat menu of pita-stuffing options. But there are also plenty of meaty  fillings. Like Yogurt and Dill Chicken Salad, Pesto Chicken Salad and Ground Lamb Naan pitas!

For 21 more pita filling recipes, including Shrimp Salad, Baked Falafel and Greek Salmon fillings, head to Spruce Eats. You’ll find a variety that includes lots of meaty, sweet potato-y and veggie fillings sure to tempt you to grab a few of those round flat bread pockets for a quick and easy meal.

Home Chefs Lunch It in Crystal Valley 

While you can make complicated gourmet dinners in the kitchens of the master-planned community of Crystal Valley, it’s even easier to whip up a bunch of tasty sandwiches for lunch. Come and explore the floor plans in the new homes surrounded by nature and only minutes from the town of Castle Rock. With 10+ decorated models from Richmond American Homes, Kauffman Homes, Century Communities and D.R. Horton, there’s a design — ranch or two-story model – for everyone, priced from the $400s.


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