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What Your Pets Want You to Know!

POSTED January 19, 2021

Since last spring, we’ve spotted LOTS of residents out for walks with their canines, and know even more are entertaining and being entertained by feline companions inside their Crystal Valley abodes. And you may think you’re able to interpret every tail flip, body rub and head tilt, but let’s see if you can REALLY decipher what your dog, cat or bird is trying to tell you by the way they behave. 

You come home from work and are greeted by your pets. The first one rushes to meet you at the door, tail wagging; the second stares at you from the couch, blinking slowly; and the third bobs his head in a welcoming happy dance. Your dog, cat, and parrot are all expressing how happy they are to see you, but each does it in his or her own unique way. 

The Expressive Canine

Dogs don’t hold back. They express their feelings with their entire body. You need to observe every gesture from ears to tail to understand what they are communicating. Some of the signals are obvious, like when a dog “smiles” with a wide open mouth and loose tongue—which means they are relaxed and happy. 

Other behaviors are not as straightforward. When a dog yawns it might mean she’s sleepy, but it also can signal that your dog is feeling uncomfortable. Yawning can relieve tension when a dog is unsure of what will happen next. We could watch these dog and cat videos all day — but we have work to do — don’t you?! 

Adorable Pups

One of the reasons we love dogs so much is the adorable behavior they exhibit. Animal Channel’s Catherine Marucci confirms those big puppy dog eyes mean exactly what they seem to say: your dog loves and trusts you!

Another endearing behavior is when dogs tilt their heads to one side, as if questioning something. Spruce Pets explains that your dog is actually repositioning her head in order to get a better position to see or hear something.

Some dogs will profusely sneeze during play, but it doesn’t mean they’re catching a cold! The website How I Met My Dog explains that sneezing is caused by excitement and anticipation. Some husky owners pick the breed because it’s one of the most talkative. Huskies are known for whining, howling, yapping and crying – in fact they’re very good at imitating the tonal qualities of humans – to an hilarious extent. Just watch this Youtube video and see for yourself! 

Feline Psychology

Any cat owner will acknowledge that cats require a bit more psychology. In fact, you might sometimes wonder if your feline friend is ever straightforward! Pet Helpful explains that your cat considers you to be their human—belonging to them in every sense—so they have no obligation to listen to you. After all, they’re the boss!

A perfect example of your cat taking care of you is when she brings you a “gift” of a dead bird or mouse. Remember, cats think they own you, so they are just doing their job of providing you with food!

A Happy Cat

The most obvious way for a cat to indicate contentment is purring. Animal behaviorist Dr. Jeffrey Levy explains it is also a mechanism to bond with humans—who doesn’t love to hold a purring cat? Another primal behavior that bring cats happiness is kneading. When cats gently pulse their paws against you, they are reliving the infantile behavior of a kitten nursing.

Some of the more endearing ways cats show they love you include nose-rubbing and head-butting, according to the Farmers Almanac. A more puzzling sign of cat love is when your cat slowly blinks at you, then turns away. While it may feel more like a dismissal, The Honest Kitchen explains that exchanging slow blinks with a cat is similar to two humans exchanging smiles—it’s a way to connect.

Birds of a Feather

If you are the owner of a parrot or parakeet, it might be easier to understand what they are trying to tell you since they can talk, whistle, chirp and otherwise vocalize! The Beauty of Birds website gives you some hints on what their particular vocalizations mean. 

Soft chattering is a sign of contentment. If you hear loud chatter, your bird is trying to get your attention. Tongue-clicking may be the parrot entertaining himself or he may be begging to be picked up. And anytime your bird is singing, talking, and whistling, that  means she’s happy!

If you don’t have a bird and wonder what the attraction is for humans, take a look at this parrot and parakeet compilation video. We dare you not to smile and think – however fleetingly – maybe a bird would be fun to have! 

In the wild, birds are part of an extensive flock that fly together, so a pet bird naturally craves companionship. The blog Trained Parrot explains they want to be the center of attention and do everything you do, so make sure to spend plenty of quality time with them every day. Parrots have several ways of letting you know they want attention or are ready to be picked up, including head bobbing and even staring at you.

Crystal Valley Is a Great Place for Pets!

Pets bring such joy to our lives that it’s hard to imagine how we would get along without them. With the wide open natural surroundings in the master-planned community of Crystal Valley, your pets will have room to roam! Check out the beautiful new homes from Century Communities, D.R. Horton, and Richmond American Homes, and Kauffman Homes, priced from the $300s. 


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