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Best Things to Buy Second-Hand!

POSTED February 13, 2018

Lots of people think thrift stores and vintage shops are a treasure trove of goodies waiting to be put to good use, upcycled, or flipped and enjoyed or sold for a tidy profit. And they’re right! We found eight items that are best bought second-hand, to have and to hold for bragging rights or to sell online and make some fast cash! 

Treasures on Park Street in Castle Rock, right off the Wilcox/Wolfensberger exit off I-25 carries a large selection of thrift store items. Merchandise includes furniture, artwork, housewares, toys, sporting goods, jewelry and collectibles. And don’t miss the used book department!

The Good Will store next to the ReStore in Highlands Ranch has all sorts of used items to pick through and repurpose, as well. And if you haven’t checked out Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores there’s a small one in Highlands Ranch near Quebec and 470 right next to the Good Will. We found dishes and tools furniture and NEW mattresses, plus glassware cheaper than the dollar store!

Here are some of the best things to buy second-hand, including a few that are worth more than you’ll pay for them! 

Gently-Used Picture Frames

When it comes to art in a thrift store – it’s not usually the art you fall in love with, but the frame — which could be worth more than the price tag for the whole package! A vintage, ornate frame can add personality to a gallery wall, and a quick coat of paint can make it match the frames you already have. Some frames sell well online, according to MoneyPantry, and you might as well do a little research on the artist while you’re shopping — it earned one woman over $27,000!

Lifetime-Guaranteed Tools and Knives

Cutco brand knives, scissors and shears carry a guarantee that lets you send the product back if it’s not doing the job. Likewise, some Craftsman hand tools carry a lifetime warranty, and can be replaced free of charge at Sears (which owns the Craftsman brand). For thrift shoppers, this means whatever condition the tool, a new or like new one can be had with minimal effort.

Vintage Trunks and Luggage

Trunks have vintage appeal and they’re practical—especially for smaller rooms. Use one as a footer for the bed to hold extra pillowcases and blankets. You can even add a few chair cushions on top to turn this storage unit into extra seating—guests will never know they’re sitting on the mess you threw inside to clean up before they arrived. And take a look at what you can do with vintage suitcases as interior décor!

Upcycled Masterpieces

Thrift stores are a great place to find raw materials to create something completely new out of something old and dispossessed. LIke bicycles upcycled into fences and gates, like these from Fence Workshop. You’ll find plenty of upcycle inspiration at

First Edition Books

Original or signed versions of old books can easily be sold if you connect with the right buyers. Log onto and enter the title to get a rough estimate of what your new-found classic is worth. 

Gently Used Furniture

Before you buy, always ask yourself: Is the piece worth the time and effort it will take to breathe new life into it? Look for high-quality materials like leather and wood, and check for structural integrity. You can always repaint or reupholster, but factor in EVERYTHING before pulling out your wallet!

Vintage Canning Jars

We see these mason jars being used for everything from making chandeliers and candle holders to vases and pencil holders. But once upon a time, people used them for food storage, not creative, crafty upcycling! Do a quick Google search to check the age and brand if you want to resell (Ball is usually worth the most), but you can still get one just because you like the way it looks!

Cast-Iron Cookware

Talk about a durable classic! Kitchn says a cast iron skillet is the key to one pan cooking! Since new cast iron skillets and cookware can get expensive, but you’ll often see used cookware for a fraction of the cost. Check out Chowhound’s tips on how to buy used cast iron, including how to make sure the bottom is level.

Brand New in Crystal Valley! 

There’s much to appreciate about vintage – especially in whiskey, leather and wine – but we like our houses brand new in Crystal Valley! The master-planned community nestled in nature, showcases the craftsmanship of Colorado’s top builders: D.R. Horton,  Kauffman Homes and Richmond American Homes. Stop by and see all the spectacular models, both ranch and two-story designs, priced from the $300s.


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