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Pantry Staples to Make Yourself!

POSTED October 20, 2020

Every pantry has them—those can’t-do-without items you and your family consume in many ways, each and every day. With the onset of cooler fall weather, the staples in our pantries get more flavorful and more fulfilling. Why not try making some of them yourself? They’re not only MUCH tastier but can also save you some cash—and many aren’t even all that time consuming!

DIY Nut Butters

This is one treat that’s unquestionably good to eat—it’s as packed full of nutrition as it is flavor. But did you know it’s also incredibly easy to make yourself? And with all the options, you can customize to your palate’s content!

For the ultimate in simplicity, all you need is nuts and a food processor. Your choice—almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts—or any combination. The Minimalist Baker gives some straightforward tips, like always roast the nuts first and process them for quite a  LONG time, but basically, that’s it!

If you like a little more direction and some hints about how to make your nut butter smoother, creamier, and more flavorful, try Bon Appetit’s nut butter recipes which include such flavorful additions as cinnamon, cocoa, chia and sunflower seeds, as well as a bit of oil for better texture. 

Homemade Granola

For breakfast, snacks, and hiking, chances are your family can’t get enough of this addictive pantry item. But you don’t mind because it’s so darn good and good-for-you! Did you ever consider that you can make your own granola that will be even more delicious than what you buy in the store?

For a crunchy, slightly-sweet granola recipe that can be eaten with milk for breakfast or sprinkled over fruit and yogurt, The Kitchn provides a basic recipe using only seven ingredients, including oatmeal, honey or maple syrup, nuts and oil.

If you’re feeling ambitious, why not try making some protein-full and gluten-free peanut butter granola bars—the kind with mini chocolate chips! You’ll be amazed at how delicious the DIY version of this popular snack is!

Candied Ginger

While candied ginger may not exactly be a staple in YOUR pantry, it could be! This delicious treat is chewy and spicy and sweet—and a great addition to all kinds of recipes from Triple Ginger Cookies to an add-in for your granola! And if you make it yourself, you’ll be guaranteed the biggest burst of flavor possible with each bite!

Since you’ve got those funny-looking pieces of fresh ginger in the kitchen, why not experiment with brewing your own rich and warming Ginger Liqueur? Its golden color and spicy-sweet taste make it a lovely sipping liquid!

More DIY Liqueurs

Another favorite liqueur for the long winter months to come is Honey Liqueur, easily made with your favorite variety of local honey and vodka! It’s also the secret ingredient for the popular brunch drink, the Herbaliser, made with chamomile tea and elderflower!

The Spruce Eats has recipes for more liqueurs, like peach and cranberry liqueur (how perfect for fall!), sloe gin and limoncello. Try your hand at some holiday gifts, made with 80 proof love!

Create Your Own Unique Pantry in Crystal Valley!

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