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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist!

POSTED April 24, 2018

The days are getting longer and the temperatures higher, and if you haven’t given your home a complete physical, inside and out, it’s time to get started on spring maintenance to prepare for even warmer weather ahead!

Exterior Inspection

We’ve enjoyed a mild winter this year in Colorado, so the cold season likely did little damage to roofs, windows, walls, foundations, gutters and decks. But that doesn’t mean we should skip a seasonal property inspection!

Jacob Fezza, a partner at Avalanche Home Systems and Service in Castle Rock who regularly services homes in Crystal Valley, says our young community won’t suffer from leaves in gutters because tree overhang isn’t an issue, just yet. But, Jacob says, dirt can blow into the gutters and grit from roofs can trickle down and create a sludge issue.

“Mud accumulation will build up and cause blockages,” he says, which is worse for steel gutters because of the potential for rust. He advises checking gutters every two to three years in new houses to clean out any mud.

If you clean the gutters yourself just beware of ladder-related injuries which — according to the Accident Fund — total upwards of 130,000 per year in the U.S.! 

Rain, Rain, Drain Away

The DIY Network advises checking to make sure soil surrounding your home slants away from the foundation walls at least six vertical inches over a span of 10 feet. That’ll keep rain and melting snow far enough away to avoid foundation problems. If you do spot a low area next to the foundation add compacted soil so water doesn’t seep during the rainy season and pool in the summer (which attracts insects – and not the good kind!)

Time for a Bath

Spring is a great time to give your house a bath and wash away winter grime.  Too much grit stuck to the façade of a house can damage paint and masonry over time.

Your windows likely need washing – inside and out – with either a squeegee or a soft cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners or high-pressure water sprays on your windows. The DIY Network recommends a solution of one cup rubbing alcohol plus one cup water and a tablespoon of white vinegar to clean winter weather grunge from you windows. 

TLC For Your AC

Jacob also recommends outside AC units be cleaned and serviced at least every two years. “Put it on the calendar so you don’t forget – it’s when you don’t do regular maintenance that things tend to break down,” he says. “My neighbor has a 40-year-old furnace that still runs because he has it serviced every year!” 

Jacob also advises homeowners to change inside filters every 90 days for homes without pets and every 30 days for homes with cats or dogs. “Especially if your pet tends to shed a lot,” Jacob says. “The dander builds up and increases the wear and tear on your motor and decreases the quality of the air you’re breathing.”

Family Handyman offers an overview of the best filters to buy – since some high-efficiency filters can slow airflow too much, and low-efficiency ones don’t filter dust very well. Get a better understanding of the right filter for you, here.

Getting BBQ-Ready

And finally, from celebrity handyman Bob Vila, if your gas grill has been idle all winter check the burner jets to make sure nothing is clogged or obstructed. And make sure your tank has enough propane to get you through a summer of barbecuing!

Summer’s Coming to Crystal Valley! 

It won’t be long before the pool opens at the Pinnacle Rec Center marking the official change of seasons at the master-planned community of Crystal Valley, and homeowners are busy getting summer-ready. Drive through the neighborhoods here and tour the inspiring model homes from Kauffman Homes, D.R. Horton, and Richmond American Homes. Choose from new ranch and two-story designs, priced from the $300s.


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